Quo Vadis Theater

Quo Vadis Theater was organized in 2009 at Second Slavic Baptist Church. We create large productions that include on-stage theatrical performances with elements of pantomime, video, song and choreography. We also partner with summer camp leaders, assisting them with creating entertaining and meaningful programs for kids, teenagers, and young adults. All our actors and staff are volunteers from various churches in the Sacramento area, who dedicate their time and energy to create something amazing each time! Our large productions usually take from one to two years to create.
We’re always looking for new talent! If you want to volunteer as an actor, costume designer, seamstress, make-up artist, set and sound designer, video, sound or light operator, social media manager, please contact our team!

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In the Quo Vadis musical production "Moses" you will be able to travel in time and learn the story of Moses's life and faith. You'll escape from Egypt, travel through the desert, and reach the Promised Land, along with Israelites. More than a hundred actors, including children, were involved in this production. Colorful costumes, creative stage set up, and lighting beautifully conveyed the atmosphere of that time. The combination of vocal compositions with choreography was interesting. The key character in the musical was Moses. His faith and trust in God  helps the viewers to reflect on their relationship with God, their actions and the consequences they entail. 

Meet the team.

Kate Denisevich

Kate always had a passion for teaching God’s word through theater ministry. She organized Quo Vadis Theater in 2009; it began as a small group of dedicated actors and expanded every year. Kate dedicates time and energy to serve the Lord in all aspects of theatrical production, from script-writing, character development, auditions, staging, lighting, and practices to on-stage performances. When working with actors, she guides them to achieve an authentic performance by providing deep context and understanding of the storyline. In most productions, Kate strives to involve crew members of different ages and encourages them to work together. Kate believes that God is worthy of our whole-hearted worship and praise and inspires others to use their talents for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Viktoriya Komarchuk

Assistant Director
Viktoriya first joined the theater ministry as a young actor. Over the years, she participated in many different skits, pantomimes, videos and large on-stage productions. In 2015, she was invited to become an assistant director in Quo Vadis Theater. Vika’s creative feedback, critical thinking, and leadership has been instrumental in the development of our ministry. She strives for perfection and sets high standards for all aspects of performance from stage decor to the acting skills of our actors. Vika witnessed firsthand how God works in the hearts of the people who participate in the theater ministry and come to see our performances. She sets a personal example of giving the very best to God, because just one soul is worth all the effort! 

Katya Ivanova

Stage Manager
Katya started in Quo Vadis as an actor and then became a stage manager in 2022. She is using her impressive organizational skills to manage both the set crew and our actors during rehearsals and performances. Katya’s favorite part of being in the theater ministry is working as a part of a team that spreads the Gospel in a unique way. She enjoys meeting and working with new people on set to help them discover their talents.

 Yana Gurmeza

Marketing Director
Yana has been with Quo Vadis Theater from the day we created our ministry. At first, she joined the theater ministry as an actor. After receiving a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Yana became a Marketing Director in our theater. Yana is highly skilled in research and information analysis, which allows her to develop new ideas and assist our directors with script editing and character development. She uses her creative and analytical skills to implement the vision of our ministry through marketing and advertising. Yana utilizes strategic thinking in the development of our advertising campaigns to reach both local and online audiences.